We’ve been working on our next free compilation for months now, and we’re very close to finishing the album.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, “Between Two Waves” is a project where all songs are made as collaborations between bands, and all except one is exclusive to this compilation.

The final tracklist isn’t 100% ready yet, but if you join our mailinglist, you will be the first to get it. It will be a free and download only release, and like all our compilations, it will feature good music, good artwork and a booklet where you can find info about all the participating artists. On “Between Two Waves” there will be as many as 38 collaboration projects, – 38 songs and the double number of bands… Style: “Warm & Melodic”, or if you prefer common genres, – mostly indie/indiepop, folk and electronica

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The bands have been doing their collabs in so many different ways. Some of the songs are by bands who have never met in real life, and who live far, far away from eachother. We have collaborations from Sweden/South-Africa, Norway/Portugal, Denmark/USA etc.

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. Most of the bands have found new names for their collaborations, and some collabs have even become permanent bands who plan to release records together

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. One project suddenly found out that both bands were chosen for this years indietracks-festival, and now they plan to play the song together on stage there!

EardrumsPop have always had a focus on good artwork as well as good music. This time, we will have 3 cover-art’s and two of them will be made as collaborations between illustrators, layer by layer. There will also be a professionally made booklet with info about all the projects + cartoons and poems either made as collaborations or with a collaboration theme.

One of the musicians have even made a cartoon about the song and how it was made! Want to have a little preview?

Here is a collaboration between Jacob Borshard, musician and cartoonist from USA, and Helena Sundin from the Swedish band Cake on Cake. The two have never met during their collaboration, but they’ve made a beautiful popsong together. Borshard has made the cartoon, and you can have a look at his site creebobby.com. The cartoon is also for sale as a limited edition (50ex) screenprint from the same website.

Jacob Borshard and Cake on Cake – Summer Will Have Its Way

We will need a lot of help, especially with spreading the word and promoting this. If you have a blog or a radio and want to help us, we will be very grateful! Contact us at handshakers@eardrumspop.com or via the contactform by clicking “contact” above.