Well, so far we have introduced you to Jacob Borshard & Helena Sundin and Baffin Island, and now it’s time for another introduction. Maybe it’s too early, but we just can’t wait.

(Update: The project Trafik has changed their name to En Handvändning)

En handvändning is the name of a collaboration between Fredrik Karlsson from the Swedish band SOLANDER and the poet Jerker Kaj, also from Sweden. During four hours in January, the two recorded the song “Ett Hus Av Trä” (a house made of wood), and while the song was made, they also made a stop-motion video of their session.
The song is in Swedish, and I think this is the first time ever that Karlsson has recorded a song in his native language. While we talk about Solander: They have a brilliant, free ep out on Bandcamp now, – go and get it, after you have seen the video!

Here is the video. The mp3 will be on our album, released next week.