ePop008 – Sometimes Always

COVER ART made by Andy Hart/A fog of ideas

. Visit Andy’s website http://afogofideas.blogspot.com/
We have done an interview with Andy, where you can read more about him and his art
. You can find the illustrator interview here.

THE BOOKLET is designed by Julia Pax and put together in InDesign by Andrej Dolinka. View the booklet.
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1. You Can All Hide
2. Old-Fashioned Baby
3. Ivory Tower*
4. Be True (Bonus track)


Tracks 1,2 and 4 are written by Sometimes Always. Track 3 is a cover of Sharesprings’ song “Ivory Tower”. More about this song further down on this page.

When you have listened to this EP, please take the “BEST OF EARDRUMSPOP 2010 SURVEY”.

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Sometimes Always is in fact only one person, Tyo from Jakarta. His sweet pop songs are drenched in rough fuzzy guitars and analogue noise, and I get the same joyous feeling when I listen to this as I did when I listened to MBV’s early recordings
. Tyo is much influenced by bands like Afraid of Stairs, The Tony Head Experience and of course the early days of My Bloody Valentine, and he’s planning to take the project from the studio to the live stage with the help of his friend Ucik.

Visit Sometimes Always on myspace:

Special introduction to the bonus track, “Be True”:

“When I first heard the amazing ‘Be True’ from Sometimes Always, it blew me away. It brought back the sunshine of the finest summers of my youth, it brought back memories of cartrips with my friends and My Bloody Valentine’s “Thorn”, The Primitives’ “Thru’ the flowers” and The Field Mice’s “Emma’s House” on the cassette-player. It doesn’t sound like any of them, really, but it gives me the same good-good-good feeling inside. Like if there was no worries in the world, and there was always sunshine, joy and good music in your car’s tape-player
. Walk all over me, Sometimes Always, and BE TRUE!” – Knut, EardrumsPop


The innovative website A NEGATIVE NARRATIVE make interviews with bands, but instead of answering with words, the artists have to take a photograph for each question.

We are collaborating with A Negative Narrative on this single-series, and they have made photo-interviews with our single-artists. Visit http://anegativenarrative.com/ and see more bands’ photographic answers to their interview questions.


We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention.

SOMETIMES ALWAYS have chosen to cover “Ivory Tower”, originally written and performed by Sharesprings.


SHARESPRINGS is a noisy pop-band from Jakarta, Indonesia, clearly inspired by indiepop of the 80s and shoegaze of the 90s. The four members, Abdul Wahid, Riftyza, Ardhi and Rusli have gained great reviews in blogs like indie-mp3 and skatterbrain!.
The band was formed in 2006, and have so far released a demo and been on several compilations. Unconfirmed rumours say that an EP is underway
. Let’s hope the rumours are true!