ePop012 – Oláfachada

COVER ART made by Knut | EardrumsPop.



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. Tall with hard long eyes
. There is another sky


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Track 1 and 2 written and performed by Ola Innset and Bernando Fachada
. Lyrics on track 1 by E. E

. Cummings. Lyrics on track 2 by Emily Dickinson.

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(Bernardo and Ola performing “Tall with hard long eyes” in front of the camera)

(Video made by Jørgen Nordby)


Oláfachada is a collaboration between Norwegian Ola Innset (My Little Pony ) and Portuguese Bernando Fachada (bFachada).
Bfachada took part in My Little Pony’s compilation project “Around the world with My Little Pony vol.2”, so when Ola from My Little Pony decided to move from Oslo to Lisbon for some time, it was logical for them to start playing together. The first time we heard their music, was when they participated on EardrumsPop’s collaboration compilation “Between Two Waves”.


Bfachada is a rather well known artist in Portugal, having released two full albums and toured the whole country. Bfachada is the project of musical prodigy Bernardo Fachada from Cascais outside of Lisbon. He mixes traditional portugese styles with classic pop music, soul, electronica and anything else that comes to mind.

My Little Pony are from Norway, but have released their debut album “Think Too Much” all over the world, and toured ten different countries. Their music is a sensitive mix of twee pop and folk, and their second album is due to be released early 2011.