Illustrator Interview: Sathya Ranjana

Sathya Ranjana has made the cover for Cape Canaveral’s single on EardrumsPop.

Sathya Ranjana has her background from studies in Graphic Design and Fashion at Designschule München in Germany followed by Illustration studies at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark
. Since then, she has been working on different projects and commissioned work as a freelance illustrator and artist. Her designs do not only concentrate on the paper-medium, since she finds it interesting to combine different mediums and get tactile creations. She has also made the beautiful cover for Baffin Island’s single on EardrumsPop.

Here is our illustrator interview with her:

Hi Sathya!  The last time we spoke is around a year ago.  How have you been since then?

– Hej again!  It was an interesting and intensive time.
. I spent most of my time working for different fashion labels like Nikita and Tigerhill doing print designs and graphics.

You told us that you live close by the Alps in Germany
. How is this environment influencing your work?

– It influences me in its diversity and beauty from very powerful to absolutely calm
.  The strength of nature is sensible here.  And I´m a collector when I´m out there either in my head or for real, which is often really enriching for my work.

Can you tell us where your name comes from and how your background has influenced your work?

-My name is from India even if I am not and my parents neither.. Sathya means “the truth” and Ranjana “the girl that brings joy”..
. I don´t know if the very meaning has influenced me subconsciously.  The atmosphere which surrounded me when I grew up was quite creative.  My parents had their own colourful and experimental knitting label.  They started with fashion for kids – and I was a child in these days, also wearing cloths from the collection..of course this whole thing influenced me automatically.  It was normal for me not being normal…Later on they continued with fashion also for grown ups and expanded their business internationally.  While my parents were working in their atelier I often spent time there discovering and experimenting with different materials and colours – still a part of my work today.

Please tell us about the process of making the latest EardrumsPop cover! Is this the way you usually work?

-First I only listened to the music of Cape Canaveral to dive into this world of music.  In every project I first try doing something like this to get a feeling for the mood and pictures in my head.  These pictures could be only colours, shapes or also something really specific.  This time I used a scene from a personal illustration I made as kind of basis for the cover art because I thought it was just made for Cape Canaveral´s music.

What is your approach to color? Do you follow a color scheme or just follow your instincts?

-I just follow my instincts.


Could you describe the technical side of your creative process?

– I have a lot of different layers – like e.g. a pencil drawing (that´s the first one I do most of the time), ink drawings, linoleum printing, paper cut-outs… the last step is usually Photoshop.

Is music still a form of inspiration for you?  If so, what do you listen to right now?

-Yes, music is important and a good source of energy

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.  But I also like working in a more silent atmosphere with only sounds from my surrounding like children’s playing, birds singing, cars driving, rain falling, wind right now.


What do you like about your work?

– I like the transformation.  First there is only a word, a topic, a thought or so.. then there is something you can see and in this moment it suddenly starts becoming “whole”.


What are you working on right now?

– I´m working on my website which will be online very soon I hope!  And on different illustration projects… you will find out more about it on my website.


What are your future plans? Any exciting things you are looking forward to?

– Everything is open and possible right now, that is in fact exciting!


What question and answer would you like to end this interview with?

– How does it feel in this moment?   Like autumn is freedom!


Learn more about Sathya and her art on her website: