Souther Salazar made the cover art for our “A Good Crop” compilation.

Souther Salazar lives and works in Los Angeles. His artwork reinterprets the world making it
a mythical place of carnivals, lost cities, giant insects, dinosaurs, and a variety of other
animals. Souther mixes media, adding layers upon layers of storytelling making his work
something to explore for hours. Souther Salazar graduated with a BFA from Art Center in

Souther Salazar’s work first began to circulate in the early 90’s, in the form of photocopied
cut-and-paste microcomics and ‘zines made in his bedroom as a young teenager in rural
Oakdale, CA

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. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, he moved
to Los Angeles. Souther Salazar exhibits his collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures in
dense and frenzied installations that encourage exploration and participation by the viewer
His work has appeared in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Tokyo, and in
publications such as Kramers Ergot, Swindle and The Drama and a recent cover feature in
Giant Robot. (Bio from


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