Duncan Barrett has been illustrator in London since 2006, and a musician most of his life

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. He plays in the band Tigercats

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. This is our illustrator interview with him:

Can you give us a short presentation of yourself and your art?

My name is Duncan I draw pictures and play guitar. These days the drawings I do have more often than not got something to do with my band Tigercats.

How did you get started in the illustration/ art field?

I studied illustration at university in Brighton and after that it seemed only right to give it a go in the real world. Nowadays I prefer drawing for my own amusement rather than for anyone else’s.

What are you working on right now?

T-shirts for my band Tigercats.

What are your favourite tools?

Mechanical pencils.

Please tell us about the process of making the EardrumsPop-cover! Is this the way you usually work?

As the band are called Young Romance, I wanted to draw some naked people so I had a lot of fun drawing lots of naked people in various positions. The two girls that made the final cover seemed the most romantic of the lot



Who / what are your greatest visual inspirations?

At the moment, in no particular order: Saul Steinberg, Edward Burra, Gabriel Orozco, Henning Wagenbreth, Bas Jan Ader, Abner Dean, and Henyrk Tomaszewski. I fall a long way short of that lot though.

Is music or other forms of art an inspiration? If so, what do you listen to?

Yes of course. It’s good to listen to music that picks you up and shakes and puts you back down facing a new direction when your drawing. Something really extreme, perhaps something you would not ordinarily listen to. At the moment I have been listening to Aby Ngana Diop, who made some scarily intense and beautiful music, that really doesn’t give you a second to dwell on what you are creating, but forces you on to make choices in your work that perhaps you would not have made if you had been listening to something a little more pedestrian.

Describe an average working day.

I get up early and go get my day job done, then come home and have a nap and make dinner. Round about nine o’clock I start feeling myself waking up, and if it is a good day I will have time to get some work done before bedtime.

How did you develop your style? Is it different now than when you started?

By imitating people I admire, probably. Yes it is quite different from when I started, but it is hard to know when that was really.

What’s your favorite color?

Dark green like on a watermelon.

What are your future plans? Any exciting things you are looking forward to?

Paint a mural so good they give me the keys to the city! That’s the plan anyway.

What question and answer would you like to end this interview with?

Would you like some coffee? Yes please.