ePop030 – Northern Spies

northern-spies_cover_300px COVER ART made by David Zacharis

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1. My Middle Names
2. 2 a.m
3. Kid Sister
4. The Girl Who Wants It All
5. Enda Vägen Ut (The Smittens Cover)
6. Let’s Whisper – My Middle Names (cover of Northern Spies’ song)
7. Colin Clary – The Girl Who Wants It All (cover of Northern Spies’ song)


All songs written and performed by Astrid Wiezell/Northern Spies apart from Enda Vägen Ut, translated into Swedish from the original song First Bus written by The Smittens. Track 1, 5 produced by Astrid Wiezell/Northern Spies. Bass and production on track 2, 3 and 4 by Jonathan Howell. Track 6 and 7 performed and recorded by Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan.

Feel free to share it with your friends, play it on your podcast, use it on your mixtape etc, as long as it’s used non-commercially and as long as you do not edit the songs in any way. Please link back to this page if you use it online. Please DO NOT upload the full zip to your own server without our permission. Use a link to our zip instead.




Northern Spies is 26-year-old Astrid Wiezell singing and playing guitar, piano or whatever she feels like, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Northern Spies came about after the summer of 2012 being glorious and wonderful and wanting to write about the people and things around me and how happy they make me. Using a new name also provided a fresh start after years of solo, self-titled songwriting. Northern Spies fulfills its purpose if it can hit the mark somewhere between dreamy and honest and make the listener go “Oh! I know that feeling!”.

Follow Astrid on Twitter: https://twitter.com/astridmjau
Listen to more of her songs on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/northernspies

And a little extra…

About The Northern Spies cover band: Let‘s Whisper

With Northern Spies covering The Smittens, we were overjoyed by two members of the fantastic band covering Northern Spies…

Lets Whisper_live
Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan are also known as Let‘s Whisper, and they‘ve kindly contributed with two sweeter than apple pie songs.



We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention. Northern Spies  has chosen to cover “First Bus”, originally performed by The Smittens.

Smittens- Believe Me

Northern Spies writes this about The Smittens:

The Smittens are well established as Vermont’s finest indiepop band with four albums and ten years behind them but I still feel they’re underrated and deserve more attention.

For me, it was love at first song. They are one of my hero bands because their songs really feel like the embodiment of the indiepop ethos I love and feel passionately for. Their songs are so clever and moving. I’m lucky enough to call them my friends too and their music has accompanied the last couple of years of my life perfectly, from soundtracking roadtrips and walks to work to being the processional music and first dance at my wedding.

I love their vocal dynamic and the different voices playing off each other together with beautiful harmonies and just really great, catchy songs that make you forget a bad day or will enhance your good one.

Their songs perfectly capture life, the big and the small stuff, and they’re just as likely to make me laugh as they are to make me cry (and have done both on plenty of occassions).

First Bus is one of my favourite songs off their latest, gorgeous album Believe Me (out on Fika Recordings) and I decided to translate the lyrics and sing it in my native language Swedish as a challenge. I’d been thinking of covering it since this summer when for some reason I translated a few lines in my head while listening to it and realised it worked quite nicely. I’d never recorded or even ‘officially’ sung anything in Swedish before so it was a strange but pretty fun experience – getting the lyrics to work was a huge challenge I hope I solved!

Make sure to check out their records! You won’t know what hit you.

Listen to the original here:

The Smittens on Spotify: