Last year, our netlabel EardrumsPop released a compilation called BETWEEN TWO WAVES. This was a project where we asked bands, artists and illustrators to find someone to collaborate with, and make something completely new under a new project name. Listen to some of the songs from the compilation far below in this post.

We ended up with 40 songs on 3 volumes + 3 lovely cover artworks, – everything made as collaborations. The albums were released for free (digitally only) and had a gorgeous booklet with info about the artists, made by Julia Pax.

Now we want to make EVEN MORE waves

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. We loved working with this project, and loved the enthusiasm and creativity it started. We’re looking for bands and illustrators who want to participate on the new Between Two Waves-project. We mostly want bands in the indiepop/janglepop/”twee”/lo-fi category, melodic electronica/electro-pop or in the folk/acoustic genre. All entries must fit our “warm & melodic” theme.

There will be two evaluation processes, one in the start of the project, where we say yes or no to the bands who express interest, based on the style and music they make on their own, – and one at the end of the project, where we say yes or no to the collaboration project, based on the quality and style of the song they have made.

For illustrators, we also want collaborations. Make a cover for one of the volumes, together with another illustrator or creative person. Contact us for details.

If you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, or if you want your favourite band to participate, please contact us! Also, if you are interested in working together with us with this project, send us an “application” where you tell us a bit about yourself, and why you can be a good choice as a collaboration-partner for us.
Use this address and the subject “Between Two Waves”
. We will not answer you at once, but you will get an answer.

Hope to hear from you!

Here are some songs from the previous Between Two Waves project, – all are collaborations between bands, presented under a new band-name.

Most popular B2W songs by EardrumsPop


The photo used as a base for my “more waves” design is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by Flickr-user Guilherme M

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