Between Two Waves – a free indie compilation of 40 songs on 3 volumes.

About the project:

Between Two Waves – a free indie compilation of 38 songs on 3 volumes.
We are proud and happy to release Between Two Waves – a non-profit project from music
lovers to music lovers. It is the fourth compilation project from EardrumsPop, a small
net label closely related to the Eardrums music blog. We release free compilations, often
with a special theme.

The main idea behind the Between Two Waves compilation is co-operation &
collaboration. Bands and artists were invited and encouraged to find someone to work
with and make a new song together for the compilation. The only requirement for the
songs was that they had to be ”warm and melodic”. The positive attitude and genuine
will to participate of all the people taking part in Between Two Waves has been the engine
of the whole project.

Many of the artists who ended up making music together for Between Two Waves, have
never met each other. These bands have found the same pitch through liking each others
music and working together despite the distance. In miles the distance between Sweden
and South-Africa or France and USA might be long, but sharing the same passion for
music brings people closer to each other. Several of our projects have plans of continuing their work together, either on recordings or on concerts.

Email, internet and other electronic tools have been important for the long-distance collaborations in Between Two Waves. One of the songs went from computer to computer, musician to musician, via 5 Japanese cities before it was finished!

Also the team of four people behind Between Two Waves found each other as well through
music. We all, Knut, Leena, Stefan and Tim, are from different countries with different
backgrounds, but found each other and the same bandwidth through the similar music taste,
and the Eardrums music blog, run by Knut.

The cover art for Between Two Waves will be made by our favourite illustrators, and at least one of the artworks will be made as collaboration between illustrators. The compilation will also include a booklet with artist biographies, interviews, poems and cartoons.

Between Two Waves is planned to be released mid April, and can be
downloaded for free at

You can find the cover art for one of the volumes here:

Interviews or more info can be requested by using the contact form below:


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