Illustrator Interview:  Sarah Lippett

Sarah Lippet has made the cover art for Laura K’s single on EardrumsPop.

Sarah Lippett is a London based freelance illustrator and together with fellow illustrator Duncan Barrett created after they graduated from the University of Brighton

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She has worked with Los Campesinos!, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Guardian, and The Radio Times amongst others.

This is our illustrator Interview with Sarah Lippett:

What are you working on right now?

I’m just finishing working on an exhibition all about Space

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.  It’s called Vostok 5 as there are five artists contributing.  My contribution is a series of images illustrating the story of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s flight, the preparation he went through, and pressures of stardom after he became a worldwide hero for being the first man in space.  Comic books will be available to buy on my website very soon as well as at the gallery (The Outside World Gallery) in Shoreditch from the 1st -7th September

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.  More info here:

What are your favourite tools?

Quite simply pencils and a good sketchbook!  They’re all you really need.

Please tell us about the process of making the Eardrums Pop-cover! Is this the way you usually work?

It is very similar to the way I work when I’m not given a specific theme.  The making of the cover was quite random, I just let my thoughts wander and listened to Laura’s songs and out it came, which is similar to other record covers I’ve worked on before, like Los Campesino’s Hold On Now Youngster.

Who / what are your greatest visual inspirations?

Saul Steinberg is probably the artist whom I feel inspired by the most, his work is incredible, he was such a clever man. But I also feel inspired by old photographs from the 1960s/70s.  I recently went to the Tate Modern’s retrospective of Miro, and thought it was fantastic, truly wonderfully inspiring work.

Is music or other forms of art an inspiration? If so, what do you listen to?

Music is definitely important and inspiring for me.  Bands/artists that spring to mind are:  Leonard Cohen, Can, The Velvet Underground, Animal Collective, Bill Callahan, Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnson and many many more.  I also enjoy and feel inspired by my favourite podcasts, Radiolab (which makes me wish I had become a scientist) and This American Life.  And of course, books. Fictional and factual are both inspiring – conjuring up images from words.

What’s your favorite color?

Red, all shades of it.

How did you develop your style? Is it different now than when you started?

I just kept drawing and drawing and letting it happen on its own.  My style is different from what it was when I started 5 years ago. I think I’m better at using colour, I have more confidence with line, and I’ve started working less digitally over the past year – drawing in pencil is something I’ve come back to quite recently and I’m really enjoying it.  I’ve learnt that its good to be inspired by other artists, but dont try and be them, it’s important to find your own voice.


What are your future plans? Any exciting things you are looking forward 

I’m planning on working more with narratives, and publishing more of my own comics/zines.  I am also hoping to study for a Masters in Communication and design next year to further develop my work which is very exciting!

What question and answer would you like to end this interview with?

I’d like to see more of your work, whats your website called?

Why is that?
Because I had a dream about a man who had crayons as legs and everywhere he went, he drew.



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