Well, so far we have introduced you to Jacob Borshard & Helena Sundin and Baffin Island, and now it’s time for another introduction
. Maybe it’s too early, but we just can’t wait.

(Update: The project Trafik has changed their name to En Handvändning)

En handvändning is the name of a collaboration between Fredrik Karlsson from the Swedish band SOLANDER and the poet Jerker Kaj, also from Sweden
. During four hours in January, the two recorded the song “Ett Hus Av Trä” (a house made of wood), and while the song was made, they also made a stop-motion video of their session
The song is in Swedish, and I think this is the first time ever that Karlsson has recorded a song in his native language

. While we talk about Solander: They have a brilliant, free ep out on Bandcamp now, – go and get it, after you have seen the video!

Here is the video
. The mp3 will be on our album, released next week.