ePop009 – Baffin Island

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1. You Invited Me
2. You Make Two Weeks Two Days
3. Darling Please Come Home


Track 1 and 2 written by Baffin Island. Track 3 originally by Math and Physics Club. All songs performed by Baffin Island. John Ferguson has helped recording these songs.

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Baffin Island is a collaboration between Melanie Whittle (The Hermit Crabs), Jeremy Jensen and Jake Hite (both of The Very Most). Named after the exact midpoint between Boise, Idaho, USA and Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Baffin Island combines the densely-layered indie pop of Boise’s The Very Most with the more stripped down, thoughtful folky indie pop of Glasgow’s The Hermit Crabs.

The result is as sweet as you’d expect with healthy doses of Phil Spector, handclaps, delicate vocals, and lots and lots of reverb.

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We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention.

Baffin Island have chosen to cover “Darling Please Come Home”, originally written and performed by Math and Physics Club.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the original here: Math and Physics Club – Darling, Please Come Home
Here is the original played by MAPC in an in-store-performance:


Math and Physics Club began as a basement project for longtime friends Charles Bert (vocals) and James Werle (guitar), but in the summer of 2004 the band coalesced around the additions of Kevin Emerson (drums), Saundrah Humphrey (violin) and Ethan Jones (bass).

After recording a four-song demo in James’ basement, the band sent a copy to California-based pop label Matinée Recordings.

The band signed on with Matinée in the fall of 2004 and released their first EP, Weekends Away, in early 2005 and played several West Coast shows with new labelmates and heroes The Lucksmiths before releasing a follow-up EP titled Movie Ending Romance in July.

After taking some months off to write and record, they released their self-titled debut album in October 2006, working with local producer/engineer Kevin Suggs (The Walkabouts, Smoosh).

The band celebrated by making their first trip to the East Coast for a short tour, then returned home for a sold-out record release show. The album was crowned “Best Indiepop of 2006” by Popmatters, among other end-of-year lists.

Things slowed down in 2007 when both James and Charles became fathers and had less time for the band. They still managed to release a third EP in the fall of 2007, Baby I’m Yours, followed by a short West Coast set with The Lucksmiths.  Saundrah left the band during this time and moved to Denmark, and later Kevin also called it quits to focus on his burgeoning writing career.

In summer of 2009, the remaining three members (Charles, Ethan, and James), started work on their second album by trading recordings over email.  With Kevin joining them on drums again for the sessions, the recording process stretched in bits and pieces over six months. The resulting 10 track album, I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do, was released in June 2010 and the band also returned to the stage for a short run of shows.

Learn more about Math and Physics Club by visiting their websites:

..or their label