ePop010 – Kookooo Kitchen

COVER ART is made by Anastasia. Read our illustrator interview with her here.
THE BOOKLET is designed by Julia Pax and put together in InDesign by Andrej Dolinka. View the booklet.

1. Sweet Caress
2. Bedsheet
3. Rats Blossom into Boys


Track 1 and 2 written by Kookooo Kitchen. Track 3  originally by Lily Electric. All songs performed by Kookooo Kitchen

. Sweet caress & Bedsheet mixed by Kai Kristoffersen, recorded by Stian Vågen Nilsen.


KooKooo Kitchen is one of Oslo’s more interesting new bands. In front are Eva and Marianne, constantly fighting for attention with their vocals and guitars, sometimes nice and harmonic, the next second as rough and edgy as it can get. The girls are backed by Henning and Brox on bass and drums. The combination of their sharp, ringing guitar sound, the heavy use of toms and the in-your-face attitude of the vocals reminds me of the early days of Siouxsie and The Banshees. KooKooo Kitchen has a lot of the energy of The Banshees, but the music is filled with lovely pop-harmonies. As they say themselves “Dirt under their nails, and nail polish to cover the mess.” A video is currently in the making for their song Bedsheet. Keep an eye on their MySpace page for details.


A PHOTO INTERVIEW WITH KOOKOOO KITCHEN The innovative website A NEGATIVE NARRATIVE make interviews with bands, but instead of answering with words, the artists have to take a photograph for each question. We are collaborating with A Negative Narrative on this single-series, and they have made photo-interviews with our single-artists. Visit http://anegativenarrative.com/ and see more bands’ photographic answers to their interview questions.


We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention.

Kookooo Kitchen has chosen to cover “Rats Blossom into Boys”, originally written and performed by Lily Electric.

The Covered Artist: Lily Electric

Kookooo Kitchen presents Lily Electric like this:
“Lily Electric is a fantastic band from Denmark.
Rumours say that they have stopped playing, and we chose this song to remind them and the rest of you how great they are.
Our challenge is to tear apart this lovely song and worship their chanting melodies.
We adore the bassline, the backing vocals can make a song on its own and the genre-flirt is admirable.”


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