ePop017 – The Very Most

COVER ART is made by James Lloyd
. Read our illustrator interview with him here.
THE BOOKLET is designed by Julia Pax and put together in InDesign by Andrej Dolinka. View the booklet.
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1. Alien Girl
2. Congrizzle 4evzzz
. If Monday’d Never Come (Brilliant at Breakfast cover)


The zip-link above includes the music (mp3), the cover art in large and smaller versions + the booklet with info about the band and the project.

Track 1 and 2 written by The Very Most
. Track 3 written by Brilliant at Breakfast.

All songs performed by The Very Most and mastered by Carl Saff.

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Photo by Laurie Pearman

The Very Most are an indie-pop band from Boise, Idaho, USA, though with six members, they are quickly approaching »collective« status. In a backyard studio they carefully construct layers upon layers of guitar, bass, drums, strings, percussion, woodwinds,
synths, vocals and effects to create their sunshine-filled melodic sound.

In 2009 they completed their third full-length, A Year With The Very Most, which is a compilation of four EPs themed after a different season of the year and in 2010 they released their EP Patricia. They’ve been cranking out the pop hits since 2002, and hope to be doing so for the foreseeable future.


A PHOTO INTERVIEW WITH THE VERY MOST The innovative website A NEGATIVE NARRATIVE make interviews with bands, but instead of answering with words, the artists have to take a photograph for each question
We are collaborating with A Negative Narrative on this single-series, and they have made photo-interviews with our single-artists. Visit http://anegativenarrative.com/ and see more bands’ photographic answers to their interview questions.


We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention. THE VERY MOST have chosen to cover »If Monday’d Never Come«, originally performed by Brilliant at Breakfast


Brilliant at Breakfast describe themselves as Pop with dabs of madness. Perky, childish, whimsical songs. Themes range from popular culture (comic book superheroes, Greek mythology, urban legends, novels, other bands) and everyday life (end-of-vacation blues, intoxicating drinks, sugary drinks, road accidents).

A decidedly uncool band which happens to be comprised of an infinite number of stick figures, we aim to take bedroom musicianship further with cheap instruments, rhymes and riddles, an outlandish sense of humor, mediocre musical skill, and cups over cups of coffee.


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