We plan to expand, get bigger, stronger, better, richer and move into new territories. We thought selling tubas would be a brilliant way to get rich fast, but we haven’t sold a single one yet, so we’re dropping that idea. This is our new business-plan:

We’re planning to make some tshirts, – firstly because we would love to have an EardrumsPop-shirt ourselves, secondly because we would be honored if anyone else would like to wear one, and thirdly because we do in fact pay some bills to be able to give out these releases for free.

It may be a distant hope, but we hope that the tshirt-sales may pay some bills for us

An EardrumsPop-shirt can not be just plain text and nothing more

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. We need a shirt-design that say something about the label’s connection to music AND illustration. It doesn’t have to be a picture that shows music and illustration directly, but it will have to be an illustration in the spirit of EardrumsPop.
We can not pay much – or anything – for the design, but we’d like to ask our “fans” and our illustrator-friends if any of you would like to give it a try.

If you would like to help, please do the following:

1. send us an email telling us that you might send us a design later. Our address is team@eardrumspop.com
2. send us a sketch of your design or the finished design + preferably how you would like it to be placed on the shirt. We would like the shirts to be in black, so please try to make your designs fit to that.

We will pick one or more of the designs we like that will be printed as tshirts.
Any questions or ideas? Please contact us on the address mentioned above.