Illustrator Interview: Helena Garcia

Helena Garcia is one of the first illustrators who made cover-art for us, and she made the cover for our first compilation, “Summer’s Here!” (volume 2), this one: She is also the first illustrator who have made two covers for our label. She recently made the cover for Alison Eales’ single “Land and Sea” (ePop011) as well. This interview was done prior to the Alison Eales-single.

Here is our illustrator interview with her.

1. Can you give us a short presentation of yourself and your art?
I was raised in sunny south Florida and live in a little house with my husband and my Chihuahua, Kiko. I earned a BFA in illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design and love to design characters (mostly girls and anthropomorphic animals) inspired by old cartoons and vintage design
. When I’m not working I like to wind down watching movies or baking something good.

Helena Garcia's self-portrait

2. What are you working on right now?
Actually I’m in the finishing stages of illustrating the Brownie handbook for the Girls Scouts of the USA. It was so much fun to do because I got to create these cute girl characters from all parts of the world.

Alpaca and Pal

"Alpaca and Pal"

3. What are your favourite tools?
I love Adobe Illustrator for my digital imagery and plain old acrylic paint on wood for my painted pieces. I also want to experiment with goache sometime in the future

. How do you begin / conceptualise a project?

Usually an image just will pop into my head so I immediately sketch it out while its still fresh in my head. I sketch and sketch until it’s to my satisfaction. Then depending on the project I scan it into my computer or onto a nice piece of wood.

. Please tell us about the process of making the EardrumsPop-cover! Is this the way you usually work?

Since the cover was a summer theme, I thought of a character of a girl sporting a bathing suit floating away on a lily pad. She’s blowing some bubbles with turtles, fish and dragonflies surrounding her. So I drew it out, scanned it and finalized it in the computer.

Jodete Culicagada

"Jodete Culicagada"

6. Who / what are your greatest Visual Inspirations?
I would have to say cartoons are my greatest influence. I grew up watching them with my grandma and till this day I still watch them. Other forms of truly great inspirations are vintage design, Japanese aesthetics and of course the amazing illustrator Yoshitomo Nara

7. Is music or other forms of art an inspiration? If so, what do you listen to?
I used to be into the local music scene when I was younger and would try to incorporate subtle punk rock themes into my work. I don’t like the new music that is coming out these days and just listen to the old stuff. (I absolutely love The Pixies, Misfits, Shonen Knife, the Vaselines and of course the Ramones).

"Summer's here!"

8. Describe an average working day.
I roll out of bed, eat some cereal and go straight to work with the occasional coffee/Twitter break. Then around 3 in afternoon I get out of my pj’s and take a shower. I continue to work until its dinnertime

9. What is your future plans? Any exciting things you are looking forward to?
It’s weird, I try not to think about the future. You just never know what’s going to happen so I just live one day at a time. Less anxiety that way! But I guess if I do have any future plans I want to become a super successful illustrator and own an alpaca.

Gameboy Girl

"Gameboy Girl"

10. What question and answer would you like to end this interview with?
What’s your favorite snack? Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato!

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