Illustrator Interview: Paperfangs

This time, our illustrator interview is a bit different than the ones we usually feature here. Paperfangs has made the cover art for their single on EardrumsPop (ePop006) themselves, so this is an interview with the band about the importance of their visual side. Here we go!

Paperfangs have a very visual profile, – why is this important to you?
– We think of Paperfangs as a collective with three people and three different aspects supporting each other. We are audial, visual and audiovisual. Therefore our visual adventures are just as important as our music

What are the key elements in the visual side of Paperfangs?
– Designing and creating things for Paperfangs is a time and a space, a feeling, a place. Key elements of Paperfangs are simplicity and contrasts, both in our music and our visuals. Contrast of forms and colors, of geometric, modern and futuristic against natural, organic and tender-hearted.

Your lo-fi photographs often include “headless people”, feet and unusual perspectives. The words on your sites are short, cryptic and poetic, but they rarely say anything about who Paperfangs are
. Why so mystical?

– It’s not our purpose to be mystical, we just want to put our work in the foreground and let it describe us instead
. We think our work is more important than the people behind it

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What are your favourite tools?

– A pencil, a ruler and a moleskine. MacBooks and analog synthesizers.

Please tell us about the process of making the EardrumsPop-cover! Is this the way you usually work?

– We start by listening to the music and to ourselves. We share our thoughts and let our ideas sprout
. The creating process includes a lot of coffee, cigarettes and wine.

Who / what are your greatest Visual Inspirations?
– Old movies: especially westerns, film noir, science fiction and musicals
. Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch and John Hughes. Early 20th century suprematism. Italian futurists, Bauhaus, modernism, minimalism. European architecture. Dancing.

Is music or other forms of art an inspiration? If so, what do you listen to?

– Music is definitely a big inspiration. 60’s baroque pop, 80’s new wave and post-punk, 90’s twee, 00’s shoegaze and especially Gothenburg’s indie bands influence us a lot. Pop culture in general.

What’s your favorite color?

– Violet. Black and white.

What are your future plans? Any exciting things you are looking forward to?

– We’re currently planning a cassette release for this winter. We’re also doing some new videos, t-shirts and badges and we’re hoping to do some live performances next year.

What question and answer would you like to end this interview with?
Cats or dogs?
– Cats. They are fluffy

Learn more about Paperfangs here: