ePop027 – Cape Canaveral

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1.Crazy Love


Track 1 and 2 written by Cape Canaveral. Track 3 written by Galaxie 500. All songs performed by Cape Canaveral. 

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– “These are downcast love songs written in ode to never-forgotten lovers” – crackintheroad.com

It’s classic songwriting, lo-fi, noisy, melodic, folky, pop-songs.

Influenced by such bands from the late eighties and nineties as Galaxie 500, The Go-Betweens, but also newer artists like Bright Eyes and The Walkmen, Cape Canaveral have been dazzling audiences around Copenhagen for a while
. This also included a gig as the support band for the great Dean Wareham , the former Galaxie 500 lead-singer,

Cape Canaveral was initially formed in the summer of 2010 by lead-singer and guitarist Terkel Røjle, partnered on keyboard and guitar by Zacharias Baden. After a short time, Anders Bak Mejlvang joined them on bass, and Carl Albert on drums. As a ribbon on their bow, Susanna Heralsdottir recently joined the guys on backing-vocals, and on the tambourine.



We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention. Cape Canaveral have chosen to cover “Oblivious”, originally performed by Galaxie 500..

Cape Canaveral writes this about Galaxie 500:
Galaxie 500 is a american band from the late eighties and early nineties. They play a lo-fi influenced kind of the indie-rock, with a grain of slow-core involved too. We love the punky-philosophy that lies behind this bands music – instruments out of tune, untaught snare hits, all included and enriching for the songs.
Three musicians with a very unconventional touch on their instruments, playing pop-songs is Galaxie 500.

Listen to the original from Galaxie 500 here: