ePop031 – Tiny Fireflies vs Baffin Island (Across Oceans #1)

Across Oceans 1 COVER ART made by Knut B. Lindbjør. Typography by Silja Haddal Mork


1. Tiny Fireflies – “So Sad To Say Goodbye ” (Baffin Island remake)
2. Baffin Island – “You Make Two Weeks Two Days” (Tiny Fireflies remake)


Across Oceans is a new series on EardrumsPop, where we from time to time release 2 track singles by bands remaking each others’ songs.

Feel free to share it with your friends, play it on your podcast, use it on your mixtape etc, as long as it’s used non-commercially and as long as you do not edit the songs in any way. Please link back to this page if you use it online. Please DO NOT upload the full zip to your own server without our permission. Use a link to our zip instead.



Baffin Island is a collaboration between Melanie Whittle (The Hermit Crabs), Jeremy Jensen and Jake Hite (both of The Very Most). Named after the exact midpoint between Boise, Idaho, USA and Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Baffin Island combines the densely-layered indie pop of Boise’s The Very Most with the more stripped down, thoughtful folky indie pop of Glasgow’s The Hermit Crabs.

The result is as sweet as you’d expect with healthy doses of Phil Spector, handclaps, delicate vocals, and lots and lots of reverb.

Baffin Island has released one single on EardrumsPop, and one EP on WeePop!.




Tiny Fireflies are Lisle and Kristine from the Chicago-based indiepop-band Very Truly Yours, or, Lisle from Fireflies and Kristine from Tiny Microphone. Together as a duo, they are Tiny Fireflies.

The first time the world heard the sound of Tiny Fireflies was on EardrumsPop’s “Between Two Waves” compilation

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. We loved their song, asked them to continue their collaboration, and they made EardrumsPop’s first ever single. The duo have since played lots of concerts and released the EP “Change” on Little Treasure.