We have started working on a new Between Two Waves compilation!

Between Two Waves is a collaboration compilation. All bands included are new collaboration projects by our favourite bands. Two or more artists collaborate on making one new song together, and the project will have to find a new name for themselves. The first wave of Between Two Waves was released in 2009, and several of the projects we included then are still working together in 2013. 

Contact us if you are interested in participating, either as a band/artist or as an illustrator. Our email:, Subject “BTW2”. Details for illustrators will be given by email.

Details about the project can be found below this player. The first BTW-compilation can be downloaded for free here. Here are a selection of songs from the first compilation. 


Here are the details about the project:

** The deadline for delivery will be 15  january and the release will be early/mid 2014. We need an “interested!”-message from you as soon as possible. Send it to During the process, we also need updates on your progress, so that we know where you are in the process.

** We want warm and melodic music. Genres we focus on are mainly indie/indiepop, folk and melodic electronic pop.

 ** You can pick your partner yourself. If you want to participate and want us to recommend someone to you, we are able to do that. Due to the huge work we have ahead of us in this project, we prefer that you find a partner to work with yourself.
**  The album will be released on our website for download, and will also be availablle for streaming on Spotify, Rdio and Soundcloud. No physical release is planned at the moment.
** The compilation will be released for free, and the songs will be free to share/use for anyone (use: use in podcasts, play on radio, make videos for etc, but the users have to add a link to – or mention the link – to the original download-page). They can not alter/remix/cover the songs in any way without asking the artists.
** The collaboration bands must find a new name for their project. Names like [band] & [band] are not preferred
.  Both bands will be mentioned in the tracklist, like this: “Baffin Island – You make two weeks two days (The Very Most + The Hermit Crabs”).
** The collaborations can be done with any band you want, no matter where they live – same city/country or across countries through the internet etc.. Several bands collaborating is also ok.
** The songs must be original and unreleased, made and played by the two bands in collaboration.
** No economic compensation will be given for your participation. All of us, the artists, graphic designers and the illustrators work for free. We can not pay for studio time or mastering.
** Quality is a priority. We will only include the best songs, and songs that fit the overall sound of the compilation.  Included or rejected, you are of course free to use the songs afterwards in any way you want.
** Both individual bands + the collaboration will be presented in a nice looking booklet, made by our graphic design-team.
** The collaboration-project must answer these interview questions for the booklet:
– Tell us the story about the song, the process and how it was made.
– Why did you choose to work together, and how did you meet?
– do you want to continue the collaboration?
– Anything else you want to tell us?
We also need a biography from both bands and pictures (from both bands + preferably from the collaboration or something that illustrates the process (photos, drawings etc.)
Anything else of a creative kind that they want to contribute with for the booklet is definitely wanted.
**  The songs must be delivered as wav files.
** Additional videos are great for promotion (optional). IF you want to record a video of the song, or a video that shows the process of making it – or a video-presentation of the “new band”, that would be great for promoting the release. This is optional, but we just want you to know that it is really great if you are able to do it

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. Tracks with a homemade video (no fancy stuff needed, just a plain, simple video) are a lot easier to get presented on blogs and websites.

So…. contact us if you are interested!