Photo by flickr-user Dullhunk.

Photo by flickr-user Dullhunk.

A few weeks ago, we did a survey among our listeners because we want to get better at what we do, and to get a feeling of what our listeners want from us in the future. Here is a selection of the results. 44 people have answered the survey (Thank you!).

Your 5 favourite ePop releases of 2012/2013 (out of 10)

The points are the sum of where people have ranged the releases from first place (1 point) to 10th place (10 points). If a release only get first places (best), the total score will be 1 point, so the lowest number of points mean that more people have put the release high on their rankings. The last release we did at the time of the survey was Skelocrats, so releases after this has not been a part of the survey.

1. Northern Spies 3,89 points – incl 10 first places, 0 last places

2. Skelocrats 4.11 – incl 8 first places, 1 last place.


3. Jacob Borshard and Laura K 4,50 – incl 3 first places, 2 last places


4. Eva on the Western Castle Island 4,75 – incl 3 first places, 2 last places.


5. Sleeping Policemen 5.0 – incl 4 first places, 1 last place.


What styles do you prefer to hear more of on future ePop releases?

indiepop 24,1%
folk/acoustic 11,3%
electronic pop 12,1%
noisy pop 12,1%
shoegaze/ dream pop 18,4 %
keep on what you do today, no change needed 22%

As expected, most of you want indiepop from ePop, and since this is very close to our hearts, you will get more indiepop, shoegaze, dreampop and noisy pop on future releases. We’re still fans of folk and acoustic music, so expect a bit of that as well.


The booklets and the illustrator interviews:

We are very satisfied with the results here, and your answers will make us continue with both the booklets and the interviews – and even try to improve them. As many as 81,4 % of the people who responded read the booklets always or sometimes, and 18,6% never read them. 72,1% read the illustrator interviews sometimes or always.

Preferred listening formats
A huge majority of you are satisfied with downloads in high quality mp3s (81,8%), and 18,2 wants an option to download lossless Flac files as well

12. However, two in three men agree that talking about EDOral Agents How long does cialis take to work?.

. We care about those 18%s as well, so as a result of this, we will try to make flac versions available when possible.

79,5% of you prefer to download the music to your computer for listening, 9.1% prefer streaming via Spotify etc and 11,4% prefer both.

We will continue with the downloads, but we will also make all new releases available on Spotify, and we are in a process of making all the older releases available as well. Follow this Spotify playlist to see what’s available so far. It will be constantly updated. EardrumsPopSongs

48,8% of you prefer to get your music digitally, 23.3% prefer to have it on cd and 27.9% want it on vinyl. We have – and will consider releasing some of our stuff on vinyl, but it’s still a question of economy and – to be honest – knowledge…

How did you rate EardrumsPop compared to other similar labels? (6 stars is best)

The music 5,05 stars
The cover art 5,21 stars
The info for the releases (about the bands, illustrators etc.) 5,05 stars
The newsletter 4,55 stars
Our online activity on facebook and  twitter 4,23 stars
How easy it is to download our releases 5,33 stars

We are of course very happy with these numbers. The newsletter and the online activity seem to be the areas where least people are satisfied, so we have to rethink this a bit
. Any suggestions on how to improve, is very welcome!

The cover songs
We asked if you  had discovered new bands via the cover versions, and as many as 67,4 % of you had. This means that our intention of promoting good bands and songs that deserve to be heard more, works. Yay!

Thanks a lot for participating!