For almost a year, we at EardrumsPop have been working with our favourite bands and illustrators, and made a new collaboration compilation, “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave”.  Those who have followed us for some time, know that the first “Between Two Waves” was released in 2009

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. Now, we’re soon ready to release the new “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave”. Here are some details about it.

The basic idea behind these compilations, is that two bands make one song together as a collaboration, and find a new name for their project. Last time, 40 collaborations participated, and projects like Tiny Fireflies and Baffin Island continued their work together and have released records and toured after the release.

This time, we have worked with almost as many as last time, but we have been stricter on sound, style and quality in general, so we ended up with 31 projects. That’s around 62 bands involved! Many already plans to continue working together.

3 volumes, 31 songs, 62 bands, free download.

“Between Two Waves – The Second Wave” will be released on 3 volumes, with great artwork and with a very nice looking booklet with interviews and info about the bands involved.
To give each song the best focus possible, we have decided to release one volume at the time, with one week between.

We will work on this up until the day of release, so we can’t give you a release date yet, but we are aiming for releasing the first volume late week 21 or some time in week 22. Plans may change. We will release it as soon as we’re finished and ready.

The release will be free to download, as usual, and all except 2 tracks will be released with a Creative Commons license.

Help us promote this, please!

Since we do this for free, we hope that you can help us a bit. Or, more correct: WE NEED you to help us. We want this to be heard by as many as possible, and we want each artist to get the attention they deserve

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. Consider it a way to pay the artists and us for the work we have done.
What do we want you to do?
As soon as the release is out (- and only if you like the album, of course…),

  • Tweet about it (with a link to the compilation or EardrumsPop), our retweet our tweets (@eardrumspop). You can add the hashtag #btw2 if you want.
  • Post about it on your Facebook wall or in any relevant Facebook groups, or share our Facebook posts about it.
  • If you have a blog, please mention the release or review it. 
  • If you have a radio show or a podcast, please play a song or two or three, or mention it.
  • Instagram the artworks.
  • Share the Spotify-link to your Spotify followers (when it’s up on Spotify).
  • Tell your friends about it.
  • Write about it on Myspace. Nah, just kidding…
  • Request it to be played on BBC6 or Amazing Radio or any other cool station.
  • Add it to your own playlists, if you share playlists with friends and followers.
  • Play it LOUD, so your neighbours may enjoy it as well.
  • Anything helps!


Here is what you can expect on Volume A:

1. KEEN ON GIRLS (The Bilinda Butchers + PASTEL GHOST) – Sea Wave
2. Heart Noir (Tiny Fireflies + Boyish) – Left Behind
3. Greenland Sea (The Swapsies + Jam On Bread) – Bureau de Change
4. Red Deer People (Sleeping Policemen + Firestations)- Early Warning System
. The Saint Valentine State (Lost Tapes + Wallflower ) – Moments are Moments
. The Restoration (Darren Hayman + Ralegh Long) – Cut Out the Noise
7. What We Did On Our Holiday (Let’s Say We Did + Top Sound) – A World Away
8. Soft Lads (Finnmark! + This Many Boyfriends)- Never Again
9. EVIL (Evripidis from Evripidis & His Tragedies + Odil Bright) – Play it Sam
10. The Paris Work-In (The Mare + There Is Thunder In Our Hearts)- I Will Think of What You Said

Here is what you can expect on Volume B:

1. The Sarah Palin Theme Song (Onward Chariots + Sundae) – In My Scene
. The Quiet Hearts (The Very Most + Arts & Leisure) – Bluebird

3. Kitten Club (Northern Spies + Kids On Bikes) – Så Säkert Nu
4. Coquelicot (Pale Spectres + Postal Blue) – Can’t Say Goodbye
5. The Carlisles (Rachel Queen + Joe Brooker) – Japanese Embassy
6. Mikroflirt (Mikrofisch + Flïrt) – Girl in a Tree
7. The Strumpets (Adam John Miller of T.O.Y.S. etc + Lisa Bouvier of The Flatmates etc) – Oranges are Orange
8. The Grave Lobby (Bears + Starlet) – The Singing Pines
9. The Orchestrals of Normandy (The Understudies + A Little Orchestra) – If I come to you (remixed by Sunny Intervals)
10. Featherfin ft. The Seven Twenty – Autumn Leaves, Summer Breeze
11. Shekon & Anna (Shekon + Anna Frankl-Duval) – She Chromatic

Here is what you can expect on Volume C:

1. Ivor MacGyver (The Just Joans + The Spook School) – Saliva
2. Photon (Watoo Watoo + MAUP) – La fuite en arrière (En-joy)
3. Guards! Guards! (Monster Bobby + Lisa Bouvier) – Go Nowhere
4. Field Glass (Enderby’s room + Jacob Mayfield from Victoria & Jacob) – Postcards
5. Franklin’s Kite (Postal Blue + Marc Elston) – Mumble
6. Edine (Fireflies +The Marshmallow Kisses) – Where The Sidewalk Ends
. The Color Waves (Alison Eales + Garry Hoggan (both All My Friends/Butcher Boy)) – Adjustments

8. Warped Kiss (Jon Kohen + Warped Forest) – You Always Find a Way
9. Crimson & The Sunbird (ANT + Loud Off + Adam Kirk) – Where Did the Day Go?
10. After The Noise (Robert Post + Ingrid Støy)- Those Were The Days


Does it look like something worth waiting for?

Bear hugs from
Silja, Tim, Stefan and Knut,
The EardrumsPop team.