It’s been a couple of fun days with big smiles on our faces after the release of Volume B. Now it’s time for us, once again, to do the finishing work on another volume of this compilation, before release on Tuesday
. So what can you expect to hear this time?

Volume C is both the most noisy and the calmest of the 3 volumes
. It is full of contrasts, like the sea and the waves
. One minute calm and quiet, the next minute raging and wild. 

IVOR MacGYVER - SALIVA på Scratch (1)This volume starts with a BANG, with the energetic “Saliva” from The Just Joans and The Spook School. Silja in the team have been dancing around her kitchen table to this for months
. You can preview this song, while playing Ivor MacGyver‘s fabulous computer-game, where your goal is to grab as many jars of saliva and avoid the ones with piss…

Next track, from Watoo and MAUP, continues the energy, with a track in the style of both Stereolab and Joy Division
. It has beautiful vocals from Watoo Watoo’s Pascale, and lots of spacey synth swirls.

Monster Bobby and Lisa Bouvier have made the upbeat synthpop tune “Let’s Go Nowhere”, with a repetitive synth sequence, strings, lots of handclaps and Lisa’s relaxed and beautiful voice on top.

The tempo slows down, and Enderby’s Room enters the scene together with Jacob Mayfield from Victoria & Jacob. They combine Enderby’s folky pedal harmonium and calm vocals with Jacob’s drum machine, and sings about  the hidden stories lying in boxes in antique shops and car boot sales.

Postal Blue and Marc Elston (from bands like The Liberty Ship and Bulldozer Crash) have made a song that has been a favourite for many of the people who have pre-listened to this volume. “Mumble” is an indiepop song that in many ways reminds me of the Go-Betweens’ style of playing. This is the song that brings together the calm waves and the rougher ones. 

Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies) and Edine have worked together before, and their whispery vocals, acoustic guitars and glockenspiel works perfectly together in their beautiful “Where The Sidewalk Ends”.

The relaxed atmosphere created by Lisle and Edine continues on the spine tinglingly beautiful “Adjustments” by The Color Waves aka Alison Eales and Garry Hoggan. I love both of their voices, and am so happy that both of them sings on this one. 

Jon Kohen and Warped Forest gives us brushed snare drums, strings and swirling cymbals on their duet “You Will Always Find a Way” – and lovely, harmonic vocals. Former Hefner drummer Antony Harding gives us an acoustic start on his collaboration with Adam Kirk and Italians Loud Off. The calm start of the song ends in a crescendo of piano, drums, strings, guitars and – do I hear a banjo in there as well?

The last song on the compilation comes from two Norwegians, Robert Post and Ingrid Støy

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. Since Post can mean “After” and “Støy” in Norwegian means “Noise”, they call themselves “After The Noise”. Their song has lovely, modern, jazzy vocals, a choir-like chorus and layers of both acoustic and electric guitars

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. An evening song, – and a beautiful one to end the album with.

Does it sound like something to look forward to?