You first heard The Color Waves on EardrumsPop’s collaboration compilation “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave”, with the beautiful song “Adjustments”
. Since then, Alison Eales and Garry Hoggan have been joined by Jason Sweeney on drums, and that makes the line-up of The Color Waves the same as their old band All My Friends
. They are currently working on their debut EP, and according to the band, their new music is a bit different than what they did as All My Friends.

When we made Between Two Waves, we interviewed Alison and Garry, but only some quotes were published in the album-booklet. Here is the full interview

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. First, let’s hear The Color Waves’ “Adjustments”:

So, Garry and Alison, – It has been a long time since All My Friends, and now one of you live in Glasgow, Scotland and the other in Buffalo, New York – how was it to work together again?

Garry: It’s very satisfying to write together after so long: we hadn’t worked together for six years or so
. It’s a happy occasion for me, both personally and musically
. We tried approaching the process in a different way than when we’ve worked together previously. It was partly a conscious decision and partly because there’s now however-many-thousand miles between us! Nonetheless, it felt familiar.

Alison: Because we had worked together before, we hit the ground running!


Tell us the story about “Adjustments”, – the process and how it was made!

Alison: Garry approached me about collaborating on some new material, and sent me a batch of new songs he had been working on
.  We agreed that this one was a strong contender for the compilation. The lyrics were borne out of various words and phrases I had had going around my head for a while.  Turning them into something cohesive felt like completing a difficult puzzle.

Garry: I hadn’t been doing much musically for quite a while. Years. I knew I should have been, but it just never came together. Last year I started pushing myself back to into the process, making little songs and half-finishing recordings. This was my first song written with Alison in mind.

How did the two of you meet?

Garry: We met many moons ago at a monthly indie pop club we both used to go to. I’m too old for dancing now. We’ve been in a couple bands together previously, and she’s my favorite person to write with: this compilation gave us a chance to revisit that. 

Alison: We met at a Glasgow club night called National Pop League, and became firm friends after discovering a mutual love of They Might Be Giants and Homestar Runner.  I enjoy working with Garry because we each admire what the other does, but also know how to make suggestions and compromises.

Your project name – is there a story behind the choice?

Garry: We wanted to wash away the old All My Friends name and start anew, because we want this to be different. I saw the name on an old vintage camera lens at a time when I was grasping desperately for a name I wouldn’t hate after five minutes: I took it as a sign.

Apart from The Color Waves and All My Friends, Alison and Garry have played together in Butcher Boy, a band many of EardrumsPop’s listeners should be familiar with.

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Some years ago, Alison Eales also made a lovely EP on EardrumsPop. You can listen to it or download it for free here, or if you prefer Spotify, it’s there as well.


And here’s a track by their old band, Butcher Boy: