Today, we have another free “single” for you from the upcoming EardrumsPop compilation Between Two Waves


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Baffin Island is a collaboration-project between Jeremy from THE VERY MOST (Boise, Idaho, USA) and Mel from THE HERMIT CRABS (Glasgow, Scotland)
. Baffin Island is the exact midpoint between Boise, Idaho, USA and Glasgow, Scotland, UK
. The song and the project is made especially for EardrumsPop’s “Between Two Waves” collaboration compilation, which will be released as a free download mid April on

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** If you like the song and the idea of the project, we will be very happy if you share this to your friends, on your blog, use it in your podcast etc..**

Please check out the music The Very Most and The Hermit Crabs release on their own too. Brilliant pop bands!

More information about BETWEEN TWO WAVES can be found here: