Meet the team

EardrumsPop is a team of 4 people, – all huge music-fans, who participate equally in the process of making the EardrumsPop-releases.

Knut, from Norway, started the label, first as a part of his music blog Eardrums Music. Soon, EardrumsPop was separated from the blog, and two more members were included. Knut has a genuine interest in music and illustration, and he is also an artist himself, both in music and art.

Stefan, from Germany, has been an active part of the label since the start. He constantly finds new bands to work with, and also works with illustrators. Stefan is active on twitter with music tweets about his new finds, @stevefan.

Tim is an American, living in Dublin. Also, of course, a huge music fan. He has a music blog called TenaciousTim. Tim has an important administrative role in the label, apart from finding new artists and preparing releases. He’s the only one of us who actually understands and is able to read legal documents and contracts.

Silja is the newest member of the team, but also one of the most active ones. She is a Norwegian, living in London. Silja is an illustrator herself, and works freelance at the moment. She also runs the club Librarians Wanted in London, and has great knowledge in the UK indiepop scene – and music in general.



The “team” photo in the top of this story is from Flickr Commons, and is described as “Rugby School, Senior Boy’s Room in Sherriffs”. View the original here.

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