The history of EardrumsPop

Click on the image to get the full, updated history about the label, including some inside stories about controversial covers, our ears and other fun stuff!

Hi, Five!

The label’s “pre-phase” started in 2008 with Knut as the only constant “employee” (Lotte, Ivar and Sarah Winona also took part, mostly as consultants). With this team, 3 seasonal compilations were released – with mostly exclusive songs. “Summer’s Here!”, “A Good Crop” and “Birdsongs, Beesongs”.

In 2010, 3 new members were added to the team, – Stefan from Germany, Leena from Finland/Norway and Tim from USA/Ireland. Together they made the collaboration compilation “Between Two Waves”, with exclusive music created especially for this compilation, and where ALL songs were made as collaborations between bands. The booklet, made by the German illustrator Julia Pax, also included poems and cartoons with collaboration as a theme. Leena left us later that year, to focus on her job in the music industry.

With Stefan, Tim and Knut as a team, EardrumsPop was shaped into the label it is today.

In 2010, we also started releasing digital singles.

In 2012, Silja from Norway became the fourth member of our team.

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