These are our 5 year birthday gifts that we are sharing with you, our friends! 38 songs from artists we have worked with so far.

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share if you care!

 If you care, please share. Small DIY/indie bands and labels usually don’t sell many records, get much attention or have a lot of fans. We, – artists and labels -, make music and release music because we LOVE music, and we love to create, – but sometimes we all wonder “why do we do this? […]

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ePop038: Featherfin

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Beautifully orchestrated electropop with captivating hooks and refrains that will sooth the ears. Escape with Featherfin on a little trip. Pause, relax, smile. It’ll be fine.

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Featherfin is an art and music project from Norway. Have a look at his artworks, and read more about how he works in this interview.

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Meet The Color Waves!

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You first heard The Color Waves on EardrumsPop’s collaboration compilation “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave”, with the beautiful song “Adjustments”. Since then, Alison Eales and Garry Hoggan have been joined by Jason Sweeney on drums, and that makes the line-up of The Color Waves the same as their old band All My Friends. They […]

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London dream-pop band Firestations and German indiepop’ers Sleeping Policemen joined forces as Red Deer People for our recent “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave” release. Their song “Early Warning System” has been a favourite for many of the listeners.
In this interview, Laura, Mike and Martin from Firestations and Sonja from Sleeping Policemen tells us everything you need to know about their new project. And yes, they will continue to make music together!

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Some words about Volume C of “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave”.

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Mary Epworth Web by Gemma Cotterell

Gemma Cotterell is a freelance Illustrator currently based in Reigate, Surrey. She made the artwork for “Between Two Waves – The Second Wave” Vol. B.

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BTW Second wave

Two days have gone since we released the first volume of the new Between Two Waves compilation, and the response has been overwhelming. So much love! Now it’s soon time for Volume B.

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This is a compilation of new collaboration projects, – bands making music with other bands. It’s a 3 volume compilation, with a total of 31 songs, and it’s all free.

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