BTW Second wave

 Two days have gone since we released the first volume of the new Between Two Waves compilation, and the response has been overwhelming. So much love! So many downloads already! If we had printed this physically, we’d been sold out by now (yeah, I know it’s not comparable, but it gives a good feeling comparing anyway).

Another fun (and sad thing, really) is that on the first day of release, this FREE album showed up on two different pirate sites. These guys have actually downloaded the freely available compilation, and uploaded it to some Amazon server. I really don’t understand these people… 

Our team has now started preparing the release of the second volume, which will be released on Tuesday, if everything goes according to plan. Silja is working hard to finish the booklet now, but most of the other stuff is almost ready. We really hope for the same amazing help from you people, sharing, tweeting, spreading the word

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. You have done an awesome job so far, and coming from me, that shows how impressed I am, because I almost never use the word “awesome”.

So, what can you expect on Volume B? 
It starts with a lovely synthpop-tune with some Aztec Camera/Prefab Sprout vibes from Onward Chariots and Sundae

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. The second track is a 60s inspired upbeat popsong from The Very Most and Arts & Leisure, and it’s a perfect symbiosis of the two bands’ sound

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. Lovely vocals from Gerri of Arts & Leisure, and the overall sound is not too far away from Jeremy’s Baffin Island project. Third track is a supersweet acoustic love song  from Northern Spies and Kids on Bikes, with lyrics both in Swedish and English, and vocals from both artists. This arrived early, and became an early favourite of ours as well. You can hear a snippet of it here: 

The volume continues with a classic, jangly indiepop song from Pale Spectres and Postal Blue, with a gorgeous and catchy chorus. I am pretty sure a lot of you will love this one.
 Rachel Queen from Blackberry Wine and Joe Brooker from The Pines ++ have made a really special gem of a song, described by one in the team as having the feel of a song that could have been performed during Christmas in some medieval castle back in those days. He sings about trains that make sounds like Casios, so I am not sure if that fits in a medieval castle setting, though…  Mikrofisch and Flïrt‘s song is really POP, very melodic and combines male and female vocals in a lovely way. Harmonies!!!!

The album’s probably most unexpected track comes from Adam John Miller of T.O.Y.S./Manhattan Love Suicides etc and Lisa Bouvier of  The Flatmates/The Proctors etc.. We expected something noisy from these two, and got the cutest, funniest song on the whole compilation… It’s a song made for Adam’s one year old niece, and includes educational things like counting, colours, alphabet and lots of fun. 

Bears and Starlet are two of my personal favourite bands, and I am so happy that they found together, in spite of a huge geographical distance. Their song has a very summery feel, and reminds me of bands like Trembling Blue Stars and The Field Mice. Lovely!
The Understudies and A Little Orchestra has been remixed by Sunny Intervals (Andy from Pocketbooks), and the result is full of strings and great vocals

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. Featherfin from Norway and James from UK indiepop-band The Seven Twenty continues with a relaxed, but upbeat electronic pop song. There is a video of the song below.
The volume ends with a song by Shekon and actor/singer Anna Frankl-Duval. It’s dark and dramatic, full of energy and sophisticated roughness. The song mixes lots of styles, and it is a real treat to listen to. It may end up as an unexpected favourite of yours, like it did for me. 

 So, here is a video of Featherfin and The Seven Twenty, and below is the full tracklist of volume B:

Here is what you can expect on Volume B:

Artwork by Gemma Cotterell.

1. The Sarah Palin Theme Song (Onward Chariots + Sundae) – In My Scene
2. The Quiet Hearts (The Very Most + Arts & Leisure) – Bluebird
3. Kitten Club (Northern Spies + Kids On Bikes) – Så Säkert Nu
4. Coquelicot (Pale Spectres + Postal Blue) – Can’t Say Goodbye
5. The Carlisles (Rachel Queen + Joe Brooker) – Japanese Embassy
6. Mikroflirt (Mikrofisch + Flïrt) – Girl in a Tree
7. The Strumpets (Adam John Miller of T.O.Y.S. etc + Lisa Bouvier of The Flatmates etc) – Oranges are Orange
8. The Grave Lobby (Bears + Starlet) – Singing Pines
9. The Orchestrals of Normandy (The Understudies + A Little Orchestra) – If I come to you (remixed by Sunny Intervals)
10. Featherfin ft. The Seven Twenty – Autumn Leaves, Summer Breeze
11. Shekon & Anna (Shekon + Anna Frankl-Duval) – She Chromatic 

Does it look like something worth waiting for?