On October 10th, we will release our first, free, digital single on EardrumsPop

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It will be a 3 track single with TINY FIREFLIES, – Lisle and Kristine from Very Truly Yours/Fireflies/Tiny Microphone‘s new side project. There will be 2 new songs + a cover of “The End Of the World”, inspired by Claudine Longet‘s version of the song. Cover art will be by UK illustrator Minkee http://minkee.co.uk, and the German illustrator Julia Pax will design the booklet

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The EardrumsPop-singles are planned to be released on every 10th and 20th of the month, – two singles every month, except for in November, where there will be 4. The singles will be downloadable from our website http://www.eardrumspop.com.

Listen to/download the first song Tiny Fireflies made, “Don’t wait until I fall asleep”, from our “Between Two Waves” compilation:

Hope you will be as excited about this as we are!

Here’s the song they cover in it’s original version, by Skeeter Davis (I couldn’t find the Claudine Longet version anywhere):