ePop021 – The Candy Strypers

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1. Hymn The Girl
2. Don’t Forget Your Dreams
3. Born On A Train


Track 1 and 2 written by The Candy Strypers.
Track 3 written by The Magnetic Fields.
All songs performed by the Candy Strypers.


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Watch the video for “Hymn The Girl” here:



The Candy Strypers is Paul Hughes, and this is his own presentation of himself and his music.

“I’m 30, from Manchester, UK. I’ve been in love with melodic guitar pop forever, but it took me till my early twenties to pick up a guitar. I played drums in a band when I was at school, so I bought a drumkit as well, then some recording software and started writing songs

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. This is my first official ‘release’ – I hope you enjoy it! Check out my Soundcloud page for more music.”



We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention. The Candy Strypers have chosen to cover “Born on a train”, originally performed by The Magnetic Fields.The original can be found on The Magnetic Fields’ album “The Charm of the Highway Strip” from 1994.

You can see the official video for the song here:

official website: http://www.houseoftomorrow.com/


This single has the catalog number ePop021. The previous single had the catalog number ePop019.