ePop019 – Karibean

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We have done an interview with Kristine, where you can read more about her and her art. You can find the illustrator interview here.

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1. Xmas Vibrations
2. We Need the Sun
3. Gregorian Spring
4. Surfing in the Woods
5. A Post-Modern Weekend
6. Down Before Xmas


All tracks written and performed by Karibean.

Creative Commons License
This single is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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ABOUT Karibean

Karibean are Enrico Carletti (vocals, bass guitar), Corrado Verdolini (guitar) and Luca Gobbi (drums, vocals) from Ancona. Their music is breathing Beach Boys vibes and makes you want to live close to the ocean

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. The three-piece from Italy’s east-coast have formed in 2010 and released their wonderful debut EP »Love, Tears & Spiritual Blessing« this summer.

You can listen to a special Christmas edition now that includes two additional songs. Everybody who thought about a Christmas under palm trees, by the beach surfing or just enjoying a light breeze while sunbathing, this might be your soundtrack. You can find Karibean on the Internet here: http://karibean.bandcamp.com/ and  http://www.facebook.com/karibeanband.