ePop039: Hi-Five! EardrumsPop’s 5 year anniversary compilation


 Yay! We’re five years old! Time flies when having fun!

Three weeks ago, we found out that we probably should do something fun for our 5 year anniversary
. We sent out an email to all the artists we have worked with during these years, and hoped for maybe 5 tracks or so for a small compilation
. The result was 38 songs…

Nothing gets small on EardrumsPop, ever, and so many lovely artists sent in tracks for this. 

Before you download the compilation below, please consider this:

Please show that you care, and spread the word about it

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. We really hope to see LOTS of tweets and Facebook shares this time. This is our birthday present to you, – now, please, share this as your birthday gift to us and to our artists! The buttons on the top of the page are for sharing. You can also show that you care by liking the bands on Facebook. Direct links are in the track list. 
Thank you for caring!

Several songs are written especially for this compilation, some are new and so far unreleased, some are different versions and a few have been available elsewhere in the past. All are gorgeous songs, and we feel that this is the perfect way to show how great the wonderful people we have worked with are! THANK YOU, ARTISTS! <3

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (the zip also includes birthday cake and party hats)


Codes for the bands’ EardrumsPop connection:
 released an EP on EardrumsPop  
been on Between Two Waves 1
been on Between Two Waves 2
members have been involved on more than one of our releases, or in some other way.

1. The Color Waves – Speak Up   
2. The Swapsies – Oh Me!
3. Evripidis and his Tragedies – Dreamboat
4. L & M Kingsize – Future Life   

5. Cape Canaveral – 1865
6. Lowpines – Salt Tales  
7. Laura K – Darlin’  

8. The Very Most – You Turn Me On  
9. Helena Sundin – Lifeguard  
10. Niko Niko! – Forevermore  
11. Antony Harding – Light This Love And Watch It Burn (drums Version)
12. Colin & The Clarys – Twelve Times Over  

13. Les Bicycles De Belsize –  Nine times out of ten
14. Onward Chariots – Live Like it’s Today 
15. little xs for eyes – Logical Love  
16. Uncle Rico – When You’re Down
17. Ralegh Long – Islands    
18. Making Marks – Breakthrough  

. Vukovar – New World Order (Featherfin’s taking over the world remix/remake)
20. Lost Tapes – Speechless
21. Tomiji – Home  
22. The Marble Man – Caufield
23. The Paris Work-In – Painted World  
24. Monster Bobby – Catch-Up  
25. The Just Joans – Your Pain is a Joke Next to Mines (early demo version)  
26. Are You Feverish Ian? – Ghosts and Demons
27. The Royal Landscaping Society – Clean 
28. Marc Elston – The Wonder Hour
29. Ceremonies – Jesus  
30. Shekon – Hidden One

31. The Lost Cavalry – Fara Fara  
32. Finnmark! – a quiet night in Stockholm
33. The Pinefox – The Cool List  
34. Kids on bikes – Insular View  
35. Boyish – Love Affair (extended version)  
36. A Little Orchestra and Lisa Bouvier – Pightle 21  
37. Sleeping Policemen – Good Guy (Girls’ night out-version)
38. Tiny Fireflies – Snow (acoustic version)  

Knut, who started the label, has made a little booklet with the full history about the label, and some inside info about things that have happened during these years
. Read it here:

The lovely artwork for this compilation is made by Sean Mahan at http://seanmahanart.com. You can see the full cover art on our website and it is also inside the zip file.