ePop014 – Early To Bed

is made by Emma Virke. Read our illustrator interview with her here.
THE BOOKLET is designed by Julia Pax and put together in InDesign by Andrej Dolinka. View the booklet.
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1. Weatherwane
2. Till We Arrive
3. Pair of Bonnie and Clydes


The zip-link above includes the music (mp3), the cover art in large and smaller versions + the booklet with info about the band and the project.

Mixing and mastering by Jim Bob Aiken
Weathervane and Till We Arrive were written by Meagan Day
Pair of Bonnie and Clydes was written by Virgil Shepard Walters
All songs were arranged and produced by Henry Toft
Vocals and ukulele by Meagan Day
Additional synth on Pair of Bonnie and Clydes by Jim Bob Aiken
Everything else by Henry Toft

Creative Commons License
This single is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to share it with your friends, play it on your podcast, use it on your mixtape etc, as long as it’s used non-commercially and as long as you do not edit the songs in any way. Please link back to this page if you use it online.


Early to Bed is a cross-atlantic collaboration between Meagan (Wisdom Tooth) and Henry (Me and the Horse I Rode In On). Meagan lives in the USA. Henry lives in Denmark. Together they make sounds.

Henry and Megan have never met and found each other on the Internet- they have been collaborating ever since.  In Megan’s words:  “I know how to write songs but I can’t lay down a solid instrumental track for the life of me, which is where Henry comes in. He listens to the songs I send him, feels them out, and then translates them into something more polished and eloquent; something that articulates better what the original versions are clumsily trying to communicate.”




A PHOTO INTERVIEW WITH EARLY TO BED The innovative website A NEGATIVE NARRATIVE make interviews with bands, but instead of answering with words, the artists have to take a photograph for each question. We are collaborating with A Negative Narrative on this single-series, and they have made photo-interviews with our single-artists. Visit http://anegativenarrative.com/ and see more bands’ photographic answers to their interview questions


We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention. Early To Bed have chosen to cover “Pair of Bonnie and Clydes”, originally performed by Virgil Shepard Walters.

Early To Bed’s Meagan Day says:
“Virgil Shepard Walters is a disappeared band. I was really into this guy’s music four years or five ago, and he had an internet presence and everything, and then all the sudden it was like he got sick of himself. We all do sometimes, don’t we? Anyway, he erased himself, he’s nowhere to be found.”

The only place we have found traces of him on the internet, is on this last.fm page:

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