RELEASED APRIL 2010 | [epop004C]

You can download Between Two Waves, Volume C here:

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The zip includes music, cover art, tracklisting, playlist-file.
The booklet was only included in Volume A,. You can download the booklet separately.

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(You can find the other volumes here:

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1. Tiny Fireflies (Fireflies + Tiny Microphone)- Don’t Wait Until I Fall Asleep 3:06
2. Joyeux Noel Is How You Say Merry Christmas In French (The Bilinda Butchers + ski_music)- Left Behind 5:12
3. The Hurries (Sundae + Girl Alliance)- Not That Easy 3:04
4. Bubblegum Lemonade Vs Fin-Ray – Fourteen Days 2:46
5. hearts attack the lonely ghosts (Hearts!Attack + Lonely Ghosts)- Heart Beats Hard And Fast 2:49
6. Snippet, Paisley and Charlie (Paisley & Charlie + Snippet)- Funny Kind Of Love 2:54
5. The Postcard Music (The Argyle Wishlist + Skittle Alley)- The Perfect Song! 2:44
8. Dance Contest Winner (Le Man Avec Les Lunettes + Rough Bunnies)- Loverboy 1:51
9. Shipyard (We Are Soldiers We Have Guns + Ramo Spatalovic (The Greencoats / Douglas Heart))- Tjörn 3:00
10. Funny Little June (Funny Little Dream + Fantastic June)- There’s Something I Need To Tell You 3:08
11. Pop Romantique! (The Jealous Sea + Golden Teardrops)- Monday 3:29
12. Violet Twilights (Nicole & Stars In Coma)- Octopus Arms 2:57
13. Swimming Legend (Heart-Sick Groans + MacGyver Knife)- Swimming Legend 2:13
14. Kjell Kritik (Afraid of Stairs + Fredrik Jonasson Band)- Howls Annie 6:06

All songs on this volume are licensed under Creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works. This means that you are free to share the music as long as the use is non-commercial, as long as you don’t edit the contents and as long as you credit the artists/label. If you want to use the songs in any other way, contact the us or the artist

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