COVER ART BY Seniorita Polyester and Roller Monkey as a collaboration.
(Illustrator presentation of Seniorita Polyester here)
RELEASED APRIL 2010 | [epop004A]

You can download Between Two Waves, Volume A here:

[download] (130mb)

The zip includes music, cover art and a digital booklet with artist-info, interviews, cartoons, poems and info about the project. The booklet is made by the German illustrator Julia Pax

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1. Boa Constrictor vs The Honeydrips – Please Do Not Lie 4:29
2. Baffin Island (The Very Most + The Hermit Crabs)- You Make Two Weeks Two Days 2:46
3. Suspicious for the Winter (Casa Murilo + Like Spinning)- Empty Streets 3:38
4. Jacob Borshard and Cake on Cake – Summer Will Have Its Way 3:12
5. Starlight Recorder (Dylan Mondegreen + Alex Rinde (The Margarets))- Girl From Outer Space 3:05 **
6. Leaving Rio (Cineplexx + Onward, Chariots)- Vanish 4:22
7. Peacock Dreams (Shelby Sifers + Spirituals)- Peacock Dreams 5:25
8. Saturnalia (The Lost Cavalry + We Walk On Ice)- Disappear 2:23
9. Kubot (Martin Gustafsson (Boy Omega) + Martin Bergström (New Beginnings/Sin Närmiljö))- T 3:37 **
10. Early to Bed (Wisdom Tooth + Me And The Horse I Rode In On)- Prayers 2:54
11. En handvändning (Solander + Jerker Kaj)- Ett Hus Av Trä 2:36
12. Johnny Favourite and the Exs (Johnny Favourite + little xs for eyes)- Of Love 3:39
13. Dizzie Bird (The Marble Man + Angela Aux)- Sunday Monkey 4:36
14. Broken Motion (Paragraphs + Me And My Arrow)- Once I’m a Doctor, I’ll Think of Great Titles 6:04

The songs on this volume, EXCEPT the songs by Starlight Recorder and Kubot, are licensed under Creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works. This means that you are free to share the music as long as the use is non-commercial, as long as you don’t edit the contents and as long as you credit the artists/label. If you want to use the songs in any other way, contact the us or the artist. Starlight Recorder and Kubot are copyrighted (all rights reserved) by the bands and can not be shared freely outside of the album.